How do I run Cadence’s Assura DRC from within AWR’s Design Environment ( AWRDE)? If the command errors or times out, the PC is not connected to the Linux. assura drc rule – Assura Rule deck file – ASSURA to PVS conversion – Assura DRC If necessary, read the assura Physical Verification Command Reference!. I use Assura RCX and need to get extraction output in Spectre fornat but generated See the Assura Command Reference & and User Guide.

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C3 vcap 38 vcap 5 pcap 2.

Assura Drc Rule

You can also browse by product, release, or document type. Parasitic extraction with Assura Read times.

Using the Hierarchy Editor, choose a configuration which views will be netlisted for simulation. Any net or terminal can be selected and then graphically plotted for waveform analysis.

Silicon dioxide is commonly used as a dielectric with a relative permittivity of 3. HRCX extracts a cell once for all instances.

To block parasitic capacitance from gate oxide to epitaxy, you use the -p option. Paul Community Fellow Offline Posts: To model high-frequency effects, use the skin frequency, break width and ladder network options together: Analog Design Environment to perform parasitic circuit simulation and analysis.

Lab How to vary controls of precision over parasitic extraction. To use ssh, you will need a ssh, telnet, and rlogin client called PuTTY.

Extracted View output has the following options: RCX will not automatically remove these values so double counting of the capacitances will occur, skewing the simulated results. The temperature coefficient values are listed as TC1 and TC2, for the lower and higher of the two values of the temperature range, respectively. The material thicknesses, permittivity and sheet resistances all factor into the characterization of the physical design and its circuit performance during subsequent simulation.


So how can I convert drcerc and lvs rule files from one tool to another? Default value is 2. This config view manages the views you use during simulation. For these cases, gate oxide capacitance must not be extracted by RCX to avoid double counting.

Thank You for comments! RCX always creates resistor terminals at contacts, device recognition shapes, text label origins and conductor junctions. By default, all global supplies will be extracted. Otherwise you need to ensure that you’ve set up the termOrder in the CDF for the block you’re going to simulate with the same order as it appeared in the extracted SPICE or spectre netlist – and that order may vary.

Self inductors can be found only where parasitic resistors are extracted. Run Directory contains all files generated by RCX. All reference manuals are supplied as part of the software installation. The assura language is quite self-explaining. I am doing layout in cadence virtuoso tool.


Netlisting is controlled by the config view whether the config view is open commajd not. The permittivity index is referenced to air, which is 1. Click the Course catalog link near the top of the center column. If DRC did not complete properly, an error transcript log will appear.

You use Mult Factor to adjust values referemce decoupled capacitors. You choose either the schematic or layout as a source for printing net names. These methods control the quantity and quality of data returned by the extractor. In the event there are multiple capacitors decoupling to the same well or substrate from a common net, they will be combined.


Running Assura DRC from AWRDE – Help – AWR Knowledgebase

All capacitances found between the net and ground comman summed into a single capacitor. You usually specify diffusion layers only for device-level extraction. The reason to use the Ladder Network option is to enable the addition of L2 and R2 so you can more accurately model high frequencies. RCX cannot extract poly fringe capacitance to diffusion. This step can take several hours depending on process complexity.

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. This correction allows parasitic capacitance alone to be back-annotated during simulation. To interactively select net names from the schematic you click SelFromSch. If necessary, read the assura Physical Verification Command Reference!

Both parasitic self-inductors and mutual inductors are masked by -lextract. Lab How to use the field solver. The document page is loaded into your browser. If the output is an extracted view, you specify viewable parasitic component information.

Would you please give me some hint?