This manual contains installation and operation procedures for the following Page 3 . Considerations for Safe Operation of Your Biodex Multi-Joint System. Records 16 – 44 This manual covers operation procedures for the following Biodex .. Biodex Multi-Joint System 3, Rev 2 or higher, with the proper hardware. Bi doex. User Guide the Biodex for the next instruction which will be to press start the Biodex for the next instruction The PC will load the System 3 y software.

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Spasticity management includes objective quantification at specific contraction. This Protocol requires Hamstring Attachment. In the case of poor muscle strength, passive mode allows for active assistive motion which will initiate or continue motion of the subject.


We recommend that you download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use theDynamometer Rotation Scale, located on the base of the dynamometer directly beneath the yoke,to note the new position.

You may vary in your ability to do these exercises and to progress to. Explain use of hand-held and dynamometer comfort stops to subject.

If the subject feels uncomfortable, he or she bioex resist the motion and the unit will stop, e. Permits rotation of the dynamometer on a vertical plane allowing the shaftaxis to tilt upward or downward from the horizontal position. Use the Away or Toward button to change the contraction type for the desired direction i.

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System 4 Software Update v4.60

Press the Attachment Select button on the control panel. The LED on the control panel for the direc- tion selected should stop flashing. Press this button a second time to resume the test or exercise session. Slide dynamometer to opposite side. The passive mode may be used post-surgically in order to gain range of motion. Inform patient that the test or exercise session is ready to begin and that the dynamometer will allow for rotation once the preset torque threshold is obtained.

To change modes, press any mode button. To reposition the Cervical Support, use one hand to hold the support so it willnot slip down.

Axis of rotation for this pattern lies between the proximal row of the carpals, at the capitate bone, and the radius at the radiocarpal joint. These buttons are used in Setup mode, per patient protocol, to set the final safe or target maximum range of motion for the specific test or exercise to be performed.

Lift up or push down on the support until the desired position is achieved. These exercises reduce stiffness and will prevent or at. Limits should be canceled by pressing Ssytem, Start and Setup again at the completion of each test or exercise session.

System 4 Quick-Setâ„¢

Eccentric rehabilitation is usually performed no more than two times a week secondary to delayed onset muscle soreness. Provide consistent verbal and visual feedback. This function of the Rotate buttons has no effect on the range of motion limits previously established in Setup Mode. Significant change in joint angle and overall muscle length is thereby prevented. Seat Rotation Handle Regardless of whether you have an existing process for protecting and strengthening hamstrings, the objective test protocols offered with the Biodex System 4 will provide valuable, isolated muscle-performance data.

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BIODEX SYSTEM 3 PRO MANUAL ( # 8 3 5 – 0 0 0 ) Pages 51 – – Text Version | FlipHTML5

Attach Closed Chain attachment to dynamometer. Dynamometer Position Color Code: Attachment, Anti-Shear, Left Pivot. Retighten the handle to lock the dynamometer in position.

Ideal for proprioceptive testing in early stages of rehabilitation.

Passive Range of Motion Exercises Exercise and ALS The physical or occupational therapist will make recommendations for exercise based upon each patient s specific needs and abilities. Before proceeding with a test or exercise bout, always ensure a comfortable range of motion for the subject.

Many times when rest is recommended it does not mean total immobilization but the elimination of activ- ities that cause pain. Rotate attachment do not remove to horizontal. To move the chair along the travel, press down on either foot pedal and slide the chair to the desired location. Cervical Support Adjustment Knob6. The supinators may be worked both concentrically and eccentrically to gain motion and increase strength.