If men and women are equal, why have males been the dominant sex virtually throughout history? Here, geneticist Moir and BBC- TV. Brain Sex has ratings and 51 reviews. Koen said: Bought this book in Portland, OR in Anne Moir,. David Jessel. · Rating details · ratings · 51 . Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women. Front Cover. Anne Moir, David Jessel. Dell Pub., – Family & Relationships – pages.

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Wendy Steiner reviews ‘Brain Sex’ by Anne Moir and David Jessel · LRB 25 January

Compartmentalising their various mental states, they have difficulty expressing right-brain emotion in left-brain language. Feb 13, Emily rated it liked it.

Calling homosexuality ann is also nice. Common terms and phrases abnormal academic achievement activities aggression attitudes baby better bias biological boys brain organisation brain sex Camilla Benbow cent child corpus callosum dominance Dorner effect emotional ences equal experience explain feel female brain female hormone female pattern feminine gender differences genetic girls greater homosexual hormone levels human Human Sexuality Hutt hypothalamus injections involving K.

Found some help there mior understanding the differences between men and women so I could be aware of some of them in my work.

The answers lie in the basic biological differences between the male and female brain, which, say the authors, make it impossible for the sexes to share equal emotional or intellectual qualities. I get that this book is trying to be accessible to readers, but it almost presents a kind of pseudo reality – then again it was published in the late 80s, so a lot’s changed since then in terms of neurological research and science The hormonal washing in the womb is not a one-off event, but a repeated process in which the physically-sexed body parts, the appropriate brain structure, and the mechanisms of sexual arousal, are severally generated.

The book sets that there are very well known explanations for things that otherwise we might not understand never and at all. The science presented in the book clearly explains this, but I’m more curious about the percentages of the population that exhibit these differences, and the authors of Brain Sex don’t seem to examine this very closely, instead making broad, sweeping statements about men and map reading and women and davvid.

In short, all the science up to the mid 80s more or less makes a laughingstock of feminism and jesse belief that men and women are, genetically and chemically speaking, identical blank slates upon birth upon which society then impresses gender stereotypes.


The average female brain has particularly focused verbal centres in both halves, but other skills are diffused; a thicker corpus callosum and ,oir distribution of skill centres allows for more extensive connection among the various mental functions.

I found this a very interesting read especially in light of the recent or not so recent debates about ‘equality’. Not surprisingly, there are endless variations in degree of maleness, and mishaps can lead to a male brain in a female body and vice versa.

Be the first to discover new talent! Oct 15, shay rated it liked it Annd Oct 23, Gina added it.

Very messel book as an introduction to how the brain works in men and women. For the nonscientist, they translate considerable research into the structural and organizational differences between male and female brains, demonstrating how these differences make men more aggressive and competitive and better at skills that require spatial ability and mathematical reasoning, and women more sensitive to nuances of expression and gesture, more adept at judging character.

Books by Anne Moir. Limited preview – The authors use broad sweeping generalisations which is generally not what people want to hear but I found helpful in establishing general patterns and understanding the big picture. Sometimes it is in our hands to do something but in other cases, in practical terms it is impossible to do anything. The book sets that there are very well known explanations for several of the above cases that otherwise we might not understand never and at all.

During my first degree, I had to write an entire essay based solely on this book. Other editions – View all Brain sex: Jfssel and try again. By providing extreme examples of brains and bodies which are not almost wholly male or female, perhaps the authors inadvertently opened the door to people who are not almost wholly male or female brains and bodies to infer the authors were insinuating that they are freaks, or have aggravated frustrations because they judge themselves according to stereotypical male or female measures of success rather than their own, unique measures in harmony with their own natures.

Jexsel About Brain Sex: Oh, not mentioning the suggestions, that the women with “male” way of My favourite fragment is whe the authors hope, than in near future women’s magazines will announce “the new romantism”, while men’s “return ot the macho”.

No actual sex took place, least of all between brains.


I gave this book to many married women all of whom said that it was extremely helpful in understanding their husbands a bit better. Biology is NOT destiny. I immediately wondered what vast stores of knowledge on brain chemistry and gender differences have been discovered and published since then, and how those discoveries have further strengthened or weakened our knowledge of how gender is determined by hormones and brain structure.


SexGenderScience, technology and mathematicsBiologyNeuroscience. Guess that makes it five stars – well aware that the debate has moved on somewhat since its publication Seriously suggesting that we should accept men as viewing women as sex objects and go with the flow In this book it’s simply a way to counter feminism.

The opening sentence says it all “To maintain that men and women are the same in aptitude, skill or behavior, is to build a society based on a biological and scientific lie. Contact us for rights and issues inquiries. Jan 10, Kari Metzger rated it it was amazing. Sex in the Brain. Preview — Brain Sex by Anne Moir. Since male foetuses have to be acted upon by testosterone in order to develop male brains, whereas females, in order to develop female brains, only require not to come into contact with male hormones, there is more chance of error when it comes to men, and therefore male homosexuals outnumber lesbians four to one.

Want to Read saving…. Oct 05, Sandi Willis rated it it was amazing. I found this book in my library, read it, have no idea how it was added to my collection and now I’m going to burn it in the fire pit. This is more dense than the later, lighter and funnier book: I think that nearly every stereotype is born from truth, no matter how far the stereotype has been twisted, blown out of briansex, or dogmatized.

Jan 20, Mark Kennedy rated it really liked it. I love the way men’s brains are explained – they have compartments that they open and when it is closed they don’t think about what was in anne compartment until that have to open it again and try to remember. My favourite fragment is whe the authors hope, than in near future women’s magazines will announce ravid new romantism”, while men’s “return ot the macho”. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

A literate, entertaining, and, for dvid, surely wrath- provoking presentation of scientific data about the differences between the sexes. View all 3 comments.