Home HISTORY THE NGONI MIGRATION (O LEVEL) EFFECTS OF NGONI They caused wide spread loss of lives leading to depopulation in some areas. The Ngoni migration was primarily caused by Shaka’s expansionist wars. He had embarked on an a vigorous policy of expanding his empire at the expense of. Explain the causes of the Ngoni migration. Reasons for the Ngoni migration. The Ngoni migrated due to the tyrannical and dictatorial rule of.

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Reasons for the Ngoni migration.

For example, the Yao lost their lands to the Ngoni and were forced to settle in unfavorable areas. The important buildings in a Ngoni jigration are the houses of the clan head, his chief wife and the hut for the boys. U NAM non algnined mov element of culture reproductive health Download notes kiswahili notes exam tech full course books android apps.

Guided discussion -Question and answer Discovery. Militarily the Ngoni were organised in large standing armies and age regiments; people of the same age trained together, which brought unity and efficiency. The ones that lost the the battles were forced to leave the Zulu lands. Other people, including the old people, were often killed. Cattle are the Ngoni’s wealth.

Internal conflicts may have been a cause for the Ngoni migration. The settled Fipa communities were for example destroyed and devastated. Chief Munyugumba managed to create a strong centralized empire in Tanzania between – They migrated due to their cases of cattle rustling, i.


It led to introduction of new weapons e. The two groups fought and the Maseko Ngoni were defeated and pushed out of Songea in s. Drought and Crop Failure. Yahoo New Zealand Answers. They live in over villages around the town of Songea.

As well as having similar settlements the Ngoni and the Zulu had similar customs and rituals. Love for adventure may have also forced the Ngoni to migrate especially the youth mgiration wanted explore the lands north of River Limpopo. Movement and settlement of the Ngoni to East Africa. His cruelty was shown when he lost his mother, and put people under severe migraation of mourning. Describe the Ngoni movement and settlement in East Africa. Most other tribes used throwing spears.

They used the short- stabbing spears called assegai rather than the long- throwing spears which meant that the warriors could attack more effectively at a close range. Meanwhile the second cases smaller group led by Maputo had reached East Africa travelling up the Eastern side of Lake Nyasa until they reached Songea around Posted by MutufuGlobal at Is 5g wifi really as harmful as some are saying? Three groups moved out of East Africa that is to say, one group moved to Malawi and the two moved back to Zambia.

Migrated from South Africa to Tanzania between It led to formation of a larger Noni society in E.

Causes of ngoni migration?

Slave trade had undermined most of the communities of southern Tanzania. They may have been looking for fertile lands that could support agriculture. Newer Post Older Post Home. Things were made worse by 10 years with much less rain. The Ngoni intensified slave trade in East Africa, this was because they displaced people from their homes and so making it easy for slave raiders to get them and sell them.


They moved in large numbers which helped them to outnumber their enemies who were often caught unaware.

Ngoni Migration / The Coming of the Ngoni ~ wanazuoni Wetu

It led to the Zulu Wars. Note; the most important of these factors was nngoni need to escape Shaka’s tyranny. State why they were able to defeat the inhabitant of Southern Tanzania. From the Ngoni invasion, people learnt how to get organized from smaller disorganized societies, to well organized bigger political systems. They could be related migrattion the Zulu. They used the short stabbing spears called assegai rather than the long throwing spears which meant that the warriors could attack more effectively at a close range They used large cow hide shields, which could not be easily penetrated by spears.

Migratikn king of the Fipa peoplewho lived in that area, made peace with the Ngoni. They lived around the areas called Natal today.

Many people copied their military organization and tactics to such an extent that the Ngoni lost their superiority.