8 Sep Our moral compass has been lost: Berhanu Nega York City, Berhanu Nega is an accomplished economist and author of a book ‘Yenetsanet. 1 Sep Dr. Berhanu Nega, associate professor of Economics at Bucknell University and the Chairman of the Ethiopian oppo lg sition Movement, Ginbot. 7 Sep Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5.

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As one of those readers of the book, I have tried my best to get a real sense of understanding about the very purpose of the author, and weather that purpose is well-reflected in the very content of the book. During the elections, Berhanu debated Meles Zenawi. Ambassador to Somalia Ethiopia: Tesfaye and so many other scholars for that matter look at the s revolution sounds highly generalized and subsequently misleading.

And the next logical and critical question will be what is be done solution? I am really sorry again about my base less comment.

Ethiopia: Dr. Birhanu’s Book Published

Retrieved 31 August We decided that we will go to parliament insofar as X, Y, and Z happened. It does not sound a logically meaningful reasoning. Freedom in the World To my understanding, the works of intellectuals such as Dr. After years of armed resistance from its base in Eritrea and following a wave of political liberalization in Ethiopia which began in March this year, Patriotic Ginbot 7 announced that it was ceasing all armed struggles and moving back to peacefully operate from Ethiopia.

Leaving aside petty annoyances in your comments, like subjecting my verbal and written Amharic statements to mega inaccurate English translation, you completely miss the substantive points I was trying to make.

AllAfrica publishes around reports a day from more than news organizations and over other institutions and individualsrepresenting a diversity of positions on every topic. Goshu that my comment is with out understanding of of your problem.

For more information about subscribing to allAfrica, please read the subscription and contribution overview. Ginbot 7 now is one of the prominent opposition organizations fighting for liberty and democracy in Ethiopia. Tesfaye and Ato Berahne deserve appreciation for coming forward with their view points about the book.

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Retrieved 6 November He argued that he believes that there is kind of gap. As I understood it, the article is the detail description of his argument he made during the discussion.

A New book in Amharic by Dr. Berhanu Nega | Ethiopia

What change did take place? The New York Times.

I beg to differ! Yes, any comment including on technical problems like yours should be valued and taken into consideration. But, all these points of argument boils down to one and only one issue, the absence of practical democratic principles and values. Birhanu or G7 all you want, but you can do so without being thoughtlessly partisan or polemical.

Berhanu has easily and wisely handled his explanation and he showed a typically good example as far as how to deal with a conversation that sounded difficult is concerned.

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy. I think that is the way I believe we can learn from each other and trying to get out merely being offended and make any defense mechanism. Most Popular Ethiopia across allAfrica. When it became absolutely clear that the ruling party was not at all interested in this whatsoever, then we decided that other than joining the parliament and making noise, there was no purpose in being there.

Archived May 27,at the Wayback Machine. He was the mayor elect of Addis AbabaEthiopia in the Ethiopian general elections, I do not think there is a problem of clarity and simplicity of the book as far as aiming at contributing to the dialogue on the ongoing political struggle is concerned.

Let me first say that I found the discussion encouraging and interesting from the following perspectives in general: In his conclusion, the author has clearly informed his readers that part two of his work will be dealing with the issues of bringing about genuine democratic political system in our country as a necessity, not as a choice.

As one of those who read the book with sincere interest, I was also one of those who watched the review discussion with great interest and sincere attention. This was just one decision that the ruling party at the time thought it was convenient for it to talk about it more by deliberately controlling the kinds of issues it wants to raise.


You just have to be a little more questioning and reflective. So this rubbish that you hear about the CUD not willing to accept the city is nonsense. As part of his last leg tours to Europe, Berhanu traveled to Germany in mid August where our editor Tsedale Lemma had a chance to meet him and conduct the following interview. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Trump Appoints Yamamoto As U. Are we arguing that the very purpose content of Dr.

During that time, he became one of the organizers of an annual conference on the ” Horn of Africa ” that debated and analyzed the political, social and economic conditions in the sub-region. I will come back to that. Tesfaye, I am sorry to say but I have to say that your concluding remark defending Dr, Berhanu or G-7 is very ridiculous as you simply look judging somebody who disagree with your ideas irrationally, if not naively.

In fact our decision has never been not to go parliament; part of the overall misinformation in this issue is that nobody is interested in listening to what actually happened and think about the process in which those decisions were made. So the decision not to go to parliament, I think is, proven. Have a nice time buddy!

To my understanding, the very specific aim of the book is not to deal with a very comprehensive approach to all the political, economic and cultural history of our country together with what we seriously are lacking in the current political, socio-economic and environmental aspects of our lives. Although the host of the program, Ato Gizaw had the difficulty of how to handle the conversation that sounded derailing from its very clear and specific subject matter, he deserves due appreciation for trying to keep the discussion in its right track.

Goshu has made a technical mistake that both the book and the discussion used Amharic language as a medium to convey the message.