Frederica is a Regency romance novel by Georgette Heyer. The story is set in The plot is typical of several later Heyer romances in counterpointing the. After reading Frederica I thanked my lucky stars that Georgette Heyer was such a prolific writer and that she lived a long life. She wrote over I am coming to Heyer in the opposite way, after reading countless romances, including many Regencies. Frederica is the first book I have read by Georgette.

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And again, even though many of the characters and situations are familiar from other GHs, each also has unique features.

Georgette Heyer was a prolific historical romance and detective fiction novelist. Lovely, competent, and refreshingly straightforward, Frederica makes such a strong impression that to his own amazement, the Marquis agrees to help launch them all into society. Frederica has shouldered extraordinary burdens ever since childhood–and has done it with good humor, equability and love. I am in a shocking scrape!!

Or if she does notice, he can’t tell if she really likes him in a romantic way or not, or if she’ll accept his geirgette. There’s a brother away at school and two boys in their teens who live with Frederica. Another highly enjoyable offering from Heyer. His job could have finished right there, but no, he rescues their dog, brings Felix to all sorts of places, lets Jessamy drive his horses, drives Charis around, all the time trying to convince himself that he’s not falling for Frederica.

Every time I finish one of her novels, I think that I will never read another one that was just as amazing I am so glad I came across this blog.

At their combined debut ball, Alverstoke’s homely niece is easily outshone by Charis’ beauty. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Also, I listened to narrator Clifford Norgate, who has a deep voice with an English accent — quite good, especially his take on Alverstoke and the boys. But there is none geyer that artificial-feeling rush to take the relationship to the next gerogette, because it evolves naturally over time.


Even his dazzling bits of muslin bore him! All of Heyer was available for new readers to discover which is how I originally found her audios of The Tollhouse and The Nonesuch, two fabulous audios. But I had not anticipated that I would find every single page delicious, and that the ending would leave me desperately wishing there was a sequel.

Their conversations are hilarious. How could I have convinced myself to get yet another Heyer book from the library? Oh, the farce in this is delightful: No one would mistake them for lifeless paragons. From what I have observed in online chats, everyone seems to have several favorite books written by Heyer. You feel as though you’d really met them, and not just read about them in a book.

Views Read Edit View history. This is as close to ace rep as regency is going to get. And if your family likes reading Gene Stratton-Porter books aloud, you’ll enjoy this one too. So perhaps it is a romance, for you, the reader that is, to fall in love with these warm and realistic characters. So, I loved this story as much as ever, but was touched by a different emphasis though I could still appreciate the surprising and unlikely romance forged between all the mayhem of the Merrivales.

Some of my favorites by this frexerica lady of Regency Romance” are These Old Shades hardened old bachelor falls for young street waif and its sequel Devil’s Cub. Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon.

I know you’re curious so here’s how it went to the best of my recollection: I like the way gsorgette the family members are developed. Countless Heyer fans kept recommending it to me and telling me it was one of the best, and the blurb totally sounded like something I would enjoy.

Frederica is saddened when her prime prospect, their distant cousin Lord Fredrrica, seems totally uninterested. Certainly all of them are more moral and would make much better husbands.

It could have been a thrilling science fiction as well. And Harry, the eldest brother, set down from Oxford for his antics, is too frivolous to set a good example as heir. Paperbackpages.

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But also with her duo of huggable little bros. Regency, London, mostly, with a few vrederica here and there-ish Length: View all 37 comments. Frederica – First Impressions No Spoilers! This is my first Georgette Heyer book, frexerica I’ve seen them around. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Frederica was also slowed down by a fairly uninteresting set of side characters and a particularly heavy focus on the more minute details of Regency life.

Frederica (Regency Romances): Georgette Heyer: : Books

It never struck fredrrica before in previous reads, but this time around, I noticed the emphasis on family and familial differences. Currently a few of them are on KU and also on sale on Audible.

Furthermore, now he came to think of itshe had foisted two troublesome schoolboys on to him, which was the last thing in the world he wanted! Let’s take a moment to appreciate some mental eye-candy. I read my review from 7 years ago with some bemusement. It would be like kicking a confiding puppy. But, he is very amused by Frederica and sees an excellent opportunity to royally piss off his sisters, so he agrees and let the drama begin!

Frederica is the penultimate eldest sister who has inherited fredeirca mantle of family matriarch after her parents’ deaths.

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Unless you are a complete ninnyhammer yourself, you will doubtless guess that Alverstoke will come to love Frederica and give up his selfish bachelor ways.

They add depth and humor to the book without being overly precious. Not only was it terrific natural dialogue, georgete it always rang true to the era, from the childish lingo the boys used to the subtle cuts of the Marquis.