Rules. Compiled from the original ​ HorrorClix Complete Rules​, the. Nightmares​ Rules Insert, the final ​ Errata & Clarifications document​ from May Check the full game rules pdf here: documents/ The game keeps getting better and better. Well we have seen a bit of hype on here about Horroclix, and there is a ton more out there on the web. So how does the new game sound?.

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HorrorClix – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Also unlike other plot twist cards, a ticking clock card is not removed from the game after it is played; it stays in play unless an effect specifies otherwise.

A line of fire that passes through ru,es diagonal between a space of blocking terrain and a space containing a monster or victim is blocked.

The monster against which the attack is made is called the target. If a target of a ranged combat attack is adjacent to a Tree of the Damned, the Tree of the Damned acts as a space of blocking terrain when determining the line of fire. Ryles the move action has resolved, the monster can be assigned a close combat action as a free action.

A flying monster occupies its space, regardless of flight mode. A crypt may not contain more than one copy of any given card.

This is called a critical miss. When a double-base monster stops its movement on a diagonal, it occupies only the 2 spaces occupied by the center dots printed on its base. Unpreventable damage cannot be reduced or dealt or ru,es to another monster.

A soaring monster is flying high in the air. The process of rescuing a victim is identical hhorrorclix slaying a victim, though plot twist cards and powers that prevent the slaying of victims cannot be used to prevent a victim from being rescued, and vice versa. If a target of a ranged combat attack is adjacent to a tombstone, the tombstone acts as a space of blocking terrain when determining line of fire.


A monster killed horrroclix a possessed monster earns the active player victory points.

Anywhere to download the rules | HorrorClix | BoardGameGeek

A monster does not have to move its full speed value; it can move 0 spaces. When some monsters achieve certain objectives indicated on their monster cards such as killing horrkrclix certain number of monsters or slaying a certain number of victimsthey transform into more powerful forms.

Four of these values are printed on the combat dial and are visible through the stat slot: At the end of your turn, if any monster you horrorcclix was not given an action that turn, clear all action tokens from that monster. Action tokens are used to remind all players that a monster has been given an action during the current turn. A double-base monster can attempt to slay two horrorclux if it is given a move action and ends its movement so that each end of its base occupies a space also occupied by a victim.

Two monsters may have wildly different combat values and powers based on their ranks. If a monster moves or is moved in such a way that it will end its movement in the same space as another monster, the monster must end its movement before entering the occupied space. Modify the speed value of a flying monster by —1 each time it ascends to soaring level or descends to hovering level; this is the elevation change modifier. Monsters released after the Nightmares expansion do not have experience ranks, only colored tabs on their bases denoting rarity.


This is called a critical hit. To determine if a monster 2 spaces away is adjacent to a giant monster, use any straight edge or draw an imaginary line from the center of the giant monster’s space to the center of the target’s space.

HorrorClix Rules Posted… – …

These abilities are called powers. Modifiers and replacement values that take effect during an action are in effect only for the duration of that action, unless stated otherwise. To show that a monster is hovering, move the flight indicator on its flight stand to its lowest position. HorrorClix is a collectible miniatures game. If the attack succeeds, and the soaring monster takes at least 1 damage from the attack, the attack also deals 1 additional unpreventable damage.

Plot Twist cards are considered unique by expansion and card number combination. Replacement values are not subject to the rule of 3. Then both players simultaneously decide which sides of any crossroads cards they want to play with. The build total is the maximum point value allowed when the point values of all your monsters are added together.

Some monsters have the power to turn victims into their servants, such as a vampire making a human into a thrall, or a grad student being turned into a werewolf after being bitten by one.