View GGL Induksi from PHYSICS () at Tenth of November Institute of Technology. GGL Induksi Diri Nama Anggota: Hana Iftitah H. (14). /03 – 09/03 Induksi elektromagnetik Hukum Faraday-Lenz, Induktansi diri dan mutual Memahami hukum Faraday dan hukum Lenz serta mampu. INDUKTANSI DIRI. OLEH: Riza Riano: Uzi Fauziah: Temperatur. Tekanan. JURUSAN PENDIDIKAN FISIKA. FAKULTAS PENDIDIKAN.

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Induktanai of communications between two mobile dii include indu,tansi sharing via Android Beam mobile application, pairing and establishing a Bluetooth induktani just with one tap without the necessity to enter passwords. There are three kinds of RFID tags: There are two types of passive RF tags: The battery of semi-passive tags is used to power electronics that is used for reading information from various sensors even if the tag is not interrogated by the reader.

In this part of the TranslatorsCafe. For example, patrons can tap on NFC tags or simply put their phones on the table with NFC tags in a restaurant or bar to update their location-based status on their favorite social network. Some applications allow manual entry of this information, others use the camera to scan it.

While writing this article, I made a simple test: Both are closely related communication technologies used for a large number of applications, for example, inventory management, contactless payment, sharing contacts, photos and videos, and electronic toll collection. It seems that in the future, a mobile phone with NFC will be used instead of a wallet with several credit and loyalty cards.

Mengonversi henry [H] millihenry [mH] • Teknik Elektro • Inductance Converter • Kalkulator Ringkas

If you check your pockets, you will probably find a dozen RFID devices. NFC Near Field Communication is the technology based on existing RFID standards that enables communication between two closely spaced less than 10 cm or 4 inches electronic devices, usually between two smartphones, a smartphone, and reader or a smartphone and a tag.


Once the tag is within the read zone, both coils together create a transformer that provides inductive coupling, which is used for communication and to provide power to the tag itself — exactly like during wireless smartphone charging. NFC tags will allow customers to download information about store hours and location and quickly share it with their friends.

Communication between the reader and the tag is done using several standardized protocols depending on the frequency band. It revealed information from one of several my credit cards: The NFC antenna under the glass back cover in the Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone used in the experiments described in this article.

After decoding, the smartphone application can turn on its alarm clock application. In the SI system the unit of inductance is the henry H.

To conserve battery power, a transponder tag listens for the signal from the reader and turn on its transmitter only if there is such a signal. Consumers can post on their Facebook or Twitter account the content they like in a store with a quick tap of the phone. To make a payment, the MST-enabled smartphone generates changing magnetic field strong enough to be read by a magnetic head of the card reader at a small distance less than 3 inches.

Thanks to adhesive backing, stickers can be put anywhere, for example on library books to track library inventory.

Users can enter information about their several cards, thus converting their device into diru digital wallet. The phone periodically activates its NFC chip that sends alternating current with a frequency of One of the main uses of NFC is probably payment using the connection between a mobile phone diro a payment terminal.

Unlike RFID, which works well at distances of several hundred feet at higher frequencies, NFC operates on a maximum range of only 4 inches or 10 centimeters. Because active tags have batteries, they can indktansi much more information and can provide a much larger range of communication. Passive tags enclosed in a glass capsule, which has the size of a grain of rice can be found in any pet dog or cat.


NFC combines induktwnsi interface of a smart card and a smart card reader into a single device. Unlike active tags, passive RFID tags are much cheaper smaller, thinner and can last a lifetime because they do not contain a battery.

Pengonversi Unit

Note that at this time summer Apple devices can support induktqnsi payment and nothing else. Beacon tags, on the other hand, turn on their transmitter, say ones in 10 seconds to send its specific information. Of course, this equipment cannot read the PIN number or the printed three-digit security number on the back of the card. Near-field coupling principle of operation: It is a short-range up to 10 cm high frequency RFID stickers and hard tags. However, the card still can be used online by a thief because not all online merchants check the security number.

The coils of the RFID tag and the receiver together create a transformer without a core that provides inductive coupling to energize the tag and to transmit information between the devices. Using various smartphone applications available on Google Play, it is possible to encode NFC tags and perform various tasks, for example:. With the right equipment powerful transmitter and very sensitive receiver this information can be obtained not by tapping, but from a much longer distance, maybe a half a meter away from your phone.

So, what is NFC?