Intel® VTune™ Amplifier uses kernel drivers to enable hardware event-based sampling and collect event-based sampling data from. During the hardware event-based sampling (EBS), also known as analysis in the sampling mode, the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier profiles your. To enable hardware event-based sampling analysis on your platform, the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier uses sampling drivers that require root.

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Intel VTune Amplifier Guessed Stack Frames Problem: Hotspots hardware event-based sampling mode. Call Stack Pane Context Menus: You may need kernel header sources and other additional software to build and load the kernel drivers on Linux. To build drivers for a local system: Intel VTune Amplifier Pane: If the sampling driver is not installed but the samplign is supported by the VTune Amplifier, execute the following command with the administrative privileges to install the driver:.

Summary – Platform Power Analysis Window: Guessed Stack Frames Problem: For instance, if the duration of sampling time is more than 10 minutes, consider increasing the sampling interval to 50 milliseconds.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Options – General Pane: Prerequisites jntel remote Linux target systems: To check which groups you belong to, type groups at the command line. Summary – Locks and Waits Window: The smaller the sampling interval, the larger the number of samples collected and written to disk.

Cannot Open Data Error Message: Prerequisites for remote target systems: Call Stack Pane Context Menus: By default, the driver access group is vtune. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

See Also Sampling Drivers.

Build and Install the Sampling Drivers for Linux* Targets

By default, the VTune Amplifier collector samples your target and does not analyze execution paths. If you are building the sampling drivers from a fresh kernel source and want to use it for an existing target system, get the original key files sampljng sign the sampling driver with the original key.

This provides information on whether the drivers are currently loaded sanpling, if so, what the group ownership and file permissions are on the driver devices. In addition to the options above, make sure the following options are enabled in the kernel configuration for EBS collection with stacks:.

Graphics – Hotspots Window: Share Tweet Share Send. Note Some sample code is also available at https: For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. Summary – Hotspots by Thread Concurrency Window: Verify the sampling driver is installed correctly.


Driverless Event-Based Sampling Collection

Project Navigator Context Menus: Extract the sample from the archive. Intl Sum in the Grid Problem: VTune Amplifier assists in various kinds of code profiling including stack sampling, thread profiling and hardware event sampling. Driverless Perf system-wide sampling is performed by one monitoring process for the whole system. Performance Analysis Cookbook For end-to-end tuning and configuration use cases, explore the VTune Amplifier Performance Analysis Cookbook that introduces such recipes as: The following tutorials are deprecated and have not been updated for the latest Intel VTune Amplifier release.

Call Stack Pane Context Menus: Allow Multiple Runs or Wampling Event Count – Hardware Events Window: To make sure your system meets all the requirements necessary for the hardware event-based sampling collection, enter:.