then select the files and directories to recover.4/28/ Symantec NetBackup Interview questions and answers. What does these status codes mean. Netbackup Interview Questions and Answers for for both freshers and experienced Symantec NetBackup (earlier Veritas NetBackup) is an enterprise level. View Answer ยท Tim pointsBadges: Large-scale Veritas NetBackup Question. My company is currently merging and we are in need of several NetBackup.

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Remote Infrastructure Management: NetBackup Interview Questions

What is a Quesitons All of the above. These is because we the Wisdomjobs will provide you with the complete details about the interview question and answers and also, we will provide the different jobs roles to apply easily.

Popular Posts Interview Questions 2. Can we able to create 2 Storage units? Its nothing but distributing the data across multiple media for a backup job. A frozen image is created very rapid, causing minimal impact on other applications.

Please try again later. There are two phases: The retention period is specified on the schedule. How do you find a disk based image via the command line and then delete it? The length of time that NetBackup keeps backup and archive images.


Where is multiplexing configured? What causes this and how to fix it? Anonymous interview questions July 16, What’s the difference between diff incr and cumulative incr?

How do you back up the catalog?

Device Management Configuration utility. Media has been already expired, How to find out? Fill the form below we will send the all interview questions on Netbackup also add your Questions if any you have to ask and for apply in Netbackup Tutorials and Training course just send a mail on info pcds.

interview questions

Better luck next time. Vmcheckxxx -rt tld -rn intterview brnyc-eb01 -vmhost brnyc-eb01 -list? You can have only one scratch volume pool per NetBackup environment.

Netbackup Interview Questions And Answers. How is a changed file determined on Windows and what happens afterwards for each type of netbacjup Image metadata is a binary file the catalog 3. Where does the images catalog reside?

Newer Post Older Post Home. Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: We’ll email you when relevant content is added and updated.

vkbackup: #NetBackup interview Questions and Answers

How do you configure SLP? How to netvackup tape is in cap? If you have a file list without selecting the cross mount point then, at your example, netbackup will backup only the mount point 32 Kilobytes backup and not the files inside the mount point.


I’ll take a swag. What is the difference between Frozen and Suspended media? Answegs, only registered users may post in this forum. How to design your resume? If a intreview ID A comes back and it is frozen, what are the steps to unfreeze it and move it back to scratch from the command line? Flash backup will back up these files much faster since it’s doing a block level backup rather than trying to pick up each file from the file system.

Enter the bpps command. Why is this important?

Will retention levels be mixed on a tape? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Are they the same?

Veritas Netbackup Interview Questions & Answers

Can I have one without the other Restore OS and Catalog to alternate server environment. On the storage unit and in the policy schedule. How is image stored in netbackup 6.