6 Jan The Vinayagar Agaval (‘Song of Vinayaga’) is a stunning example of of Auvaiyar’s exposition are often lost in the translation from Tamil to. Vinayagar Agaval is a devotional poetic hymn to the Hindu deity Ganesh. It was written in the 10th century during the Chola dynasty by the Tamil poet meaning is, the Lotus feet of Ganesha having the color of red hibiscus, and which is. 17 Mar Hello, For music lovers, you can hear the song and read the script as well. M S Subhalakshmi

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Views Read Edit View history. Its application as a spiritual tool begins during concentration on a physical image of Ganesh and continues with the use of the Agaval’s description of Hindu spiritual belief and practice, and aspects of the teachings on human life attributed to the deity. OH god who rides on an elephant and eats three fruits, Now for taking me and making me yours, You come in the shape of my mother, Cut off the trance like feeling of this illusory birth, Make clear to my mind the meaning of the Five lettered Namasivaya, enter then in to my mind, Step in to this world in the form of a teacher in this world of ours, And tell me with happiness that this is its real meaning.

It is so well known that we have omitted it here. The two fold Karma refers to the classification of Karma in Hindu scripture as on the one hand Karma of all the accumulated past, and on the other the Karma that is manufactured instantaneously in the process of living, and which will manifest as future lives.

Ganesha is hence the embodiment of wisdom, the foremost teacher on the path of life.

Boundless beatitude you have given me, ended all affliction, shown the vinaysgar of meaninv And so above, Ganesha who holds the universe in his womb, cuts the umbilical cord that binds the soul of the poetess to the material world, and frees her up to gain union with him. The Vinayakar Agaval remains one of the simplest and most accessible sacred poems in the vast collection of ancient Tamil literature and is hence chosen for our introduction to this subject. You have steadied me clear in human form all besmeared with holy ashes; added me to the congregation of your servants true and trusty; made me experience in my heart the inmost meaning of the five letters; restored my real state to me; and rule me now, O Master of Wisdom, Vinayaka.

To the tongue of the serpent agval sinks and soars you have brought the force sustaining the three bright spheres of sun, moon and fire — the mantra unspoken asleep in the snake — and afaval uttered it; imparted the skill of raising by breath the raging flame of muladhara.


The name Auvaiyar has been given to a number of important female poets, of whom three in particular stand out as literary giants.

He is addressed as Vinayagar he who removes obstacles or Pillayar in Tamil. Wisdom, clarity, bliss, eternal life: Vinayaka is customarily invoked at the mraning of new enterprise and for guidance in wordly matters.

Vinayagar Agaval(Tamil)

This page was last edited on 17 Decemberat Retrieved from ” https: It was written in the 10th century during the Chola dynasty by the Tamil poet Avaiyarshortly before her death. According to Hindu tradition a person reciting the Vinayagar Agaval every day will realize his true potential. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By contrast, the Vaishnavite tradition, following Vishnu and his incarnations as Krishna, Rama etc are popular in Northern India.

Mount Kailasa is of course the home of Siva, refered to here, as the master of mystery. Alternatively the Karmas are classified as those which are begun or undertaken arabdha and those which are latent, in seed form to appear later anarabdha.

What does Vinayagar Agaval mean?

You have come and entered my heart, imprinting clear the five prime letters, set foot in the world in the form of a guru, declared the final truth is this, gladly, graciously shown the way of life unfading. Cool, fragrant lotus feet with anklets tinkling sweet, The feet are a symbol of grace. The lines above reiterate concepts from previous verses, but include references from earlier and older works from the Tantra and Saiva Siddhanta.

Wish-yielding elephant, born of the Master of Mystery in Mount Kailasa. It begins with contemplation of the external form of the Meanung and continues as an exposition agafal ancient Hindu spiritual belief and practice.

It is worth noting that the Hindu Gods do not strictly have gender, encompassing both the male and female principles. Interleaved within the poem is the presence of Vinayaka, the breath taking God of new beginnings. In the stanza above the poetess explains further her vinayaagr of the physical yoga tradition, which is first mentioned in the circa year old Rig Veda texts. Without beginning with the earthly shadow or foot print of the God one may not aspire to understand his totality.

Like all great poems, the Agaval speaks to us on many levels. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. After making it clear tami, the eight subtle principles, And making me see the real meaning of them, After showing in my mind the gateway to the skull, After telling me that the salvation is sweet, After informing me, after showering his grace on me, After removing the assets earned in the previous births, After showing me the mental state where mind and words are absent, After awakening my mind which was asleep, After showing me the places of light and darkness in me.


So Auvaiyar says that the mere glance of Vinayaka purifies her of sin. They are instead embodiments of their divine principles.

It is inconceivable that he acts in any other way than this mandate, because he is not separate from it. The Vinayagar Agaval stands comparison with the best traditions of sacred poetry anywhere. And so the poem continues: Apart from being a great poet, she played a very great role in the politics.

With avaval unfailing weapon, your glance, you have put an end to my heinous sins, The glance of the God is also called Darshan or grace. The Chola dynasty, which emerged around the ninth century, went on ,eaning rule most of South Tail for the next four hundred years. After teaching me the knowledge of subjugating the senses, After cutting of this birth as well the next and removing darkness, After granting me mercifully the four stages of salvation, After cutting off the trance created by the three types of ignorance, After showing me how by one chant the five senses Can be controlled and the nine gates of the body closed, After teaching me how to control the chakras of the body using the goad, After cutting off talk and making me stand firm, After teaching me the alphabets of Ida and PIngala Nadi.

Pranayama is complementary to the much more commonly practiced physical yoga of Asanas or postures.

Vinayagar Agaval – Wikipedia

Agaval means blank poetry and it is a song addressed to Lord Ganapati. Yet it is quintessentially Tamil. And so, in keeping with traditions of Saivite sacred poetry the Vinayagar Agaval begins with contemplation of the jewelled feet of the god: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. One may see this poetic tradition of praising the feet also with the 7th century Sivapuranam, which emphasises throughout that the presence of the God is felt on earth through the imprints of his feet.

Vinayagar Agaval

But taml images of the gods are constructed upon deeper symbolic significance. There is no concept of guilt or retribution or of the power imbalance between man and God.

The birth of a white elephant was said to bring a period of plenitude and abundance for a whole nation.