2 Dec by a number of old republicans including Guadalupe Victoria, who on February. 1 enunciated their program under the Plan de Casa Mata. The Plan of Casa Mata (Spanish: Plan de Casa Mata) was formulated to elect a new constituent congress, which the monarchy of Agustín de Iturbide, had. The Plan of Casa Mata (Spanish: Plan de Casa Mata) was formulated to abolish the monarchy in Mexico and to establish a republic. In December , Antonio.

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Pplan Plan de casamata of Mexico: Cite plan de casamata article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

The bodies that compose this army, and those that may adhere to this plan in the future shall swear to sustain at all costs the national representation and all its fundamental decisions. Lastly, many Mexicans saw the Plan of Casa Mata promoting the idea of local autonomy plab stated in Article 5.

Plan of Casa Mata | Searching in History

Arenal Fenochio, Jaime del. Until an answer is received from the Supreme Government concerning the agreement by the army, the provincial deputation of this province shall be the one to deliberate on administrative casamatta, if the former resolution should meet with its approval.

Many provinces supported it quickly because it promoted giving power to local councils. It being indisputable that sovereignty resides exclusively in the nation, Congress shall be installed at the earliest possible moment.

When Iturbide abdicated on 19 March rather than provoke a civil war, the provinces insisted upon the election of a new congress and ultimately established a federal republic in Plan de Casa Mata was formulated to abolish the monarchy in Mexico and to establish a republic.


Antonio Lopez de Santa had been also a supporter of Iturbide in Plan of Casa Mata, a political proposal leading to the establishment of a federal republic in Mexico. Commanding the country as he had commanded the army, he dissolved the Congress and ordered dissidents imprisoned because of a disordin, he was so fatty anda did not make friends at all.

Plan of Casa Mata – Wikiwand

The History of Mexico: It laid out the foundations of the creation of a federal Mexico. This plan did not recognize the First Mexican Empire and requested the meeting of a new Constituent Congress.

New users may register below. Newer Post Older Caeamata Home. When a provincial delegation accepted the Plan de Casa Mata, it withdrew its obedience toward the imperial government and assumed a sovereign attitude within its province. New York, New York: Moving walls acsamata generally represented in years.

The Constitution was adopted the following year. Login to My Account Register. With the publication of one special issue each year, the journal continues to deepen its commitment to diverse, interdisciplinary perspectives in the social sciences and humanities by focusing on plan de casamata themes and new theoretical and methodological approaches.

His acts of subduing opposition and finally abolishing the Congress led to the creation of yet another plan in Mexican history — the Plan of Casa Mata. In view of the casanata that among the deputies who dee the casamara Congress, there were some who because of their liberal ideas and firmness of character won public appreciation, while others did not fulfill properly the confidence placed in them, the provinces shall be free to reelect the former, and to replace the latter with individuals more capable of the performance of their arduous obligations.


The plan called for a constitutional monarchy, and when no European monarch presented himself as a candidate, olan Mexican Congress proclaimed Iturbide as Emperor of Mexico in May The leaders, officers, and troops who are not willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the country shall be allowed to go where they wish. The insurrectionists sent their proposal to the provincial delegations and requested their support for the plan.

They saw as the death of casamatz and a start of an absolute monarchy. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

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The reign of Emperor Agustin I fell out of grace from the Mexicans months after his coronation. Congress failed to write a constitution, which Mexico needed, and set up a plan for casamara recovery of both government finance and the economy that stood in a state of ruins after a decade of fighting. Another committee with a copy shall go to Veracruz to propose to the governor and official bodies there what has been agreed by the army, to see if they will adhere to it or not.

Anna, The Mexican Empire of Iturbideesp. Indeed, it did not even seek the emperor’s removal. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment.

Plan of Casa Mata Plan of Casa Mata, a political proposal leading to the establishment of a federal republic in Mexico.